Patents and patent applications in the field of optical measurement technology. Only one member of each patent family is listed here for brevity.

EP 1145066 B1
Scanning microscopic method having high axial resolution
Scanning microscope with active focus sensor and continuous focus tracking. Real-time tracking even over large scan areas and extended experiment durations.

EP 1360537 B1
Confocal microscope with adjustable tube lens, for precise optical alignment with minimal hardware effort.

EP 1366352 B1
Method for analysing chemical and/or biological samples
Rotating scanning mirror for scanning microscopy. Fast ensemble averaging in single molecule spectroscopy.

EP 1384104 A2
Device … for the optical measurement of chemical and/or biological samples
Multi-detector microscope for optical analysis, e.g. for combined imaging and single photon spectroscopy in microscopy.

EP1504251 A1
Device and method for analyzing chemical and/or biological samples
Highly parallelized fluctuation spectroscopy, semi-confocal detection via line excitation and a detector array.

EP 1678547 B1
Device and method for measuring the optical properties of an object
Imaging absorption spectroscopy, combines a widefield transmission measurement with point or grid excitation by a pump light source.

EP 1868159 A1
Method for recording and evaluating image sequences
Mask-assisted fast image analysis: real-time image segmentation and analysis in video data streams.

WO 2001/044852 A2
Microscopy Method and Device
Parallelized confocal scanning microscope. Structured illumination via a DMD or LCD array; targeted acquisition of multiple scattered signal components to correct a wide-field image.

WO 2009/124933 A1
Scanning Microscope
Microscope with moving scan head, distortion and vignetting free imaging of large image fields.

EP 2237295 B1
Intuitively operable electric switch
Ergonomic multi-step switch, intuitive operation based on visual and/or haptical cues.

US 10,598,915 B2
Method for autofocusing a microscope at a correct autofocus position
Fast microscope autofocus. Active detection of relevant optical interfaces even in complex, multilayer samples.

US 63/386,727
Systems & Methods for Testing of Infectious Disease
Confidential, application not yet published.